100 days 100 crafts

To turn crafts into an everyday kids activity, we have started a campaign '100 days – 100 crafts' on our social media. Join us there and get inspired!

We believe it's clear by now that crafts are an overall awesome activity – very beneficial and comprehensive when it comes to child development in many aspects, but not nearly as boring as the previous part of the sentence makes you think.

Still, most people don't do crafts with their kids. The reasons are various and numerous. There's just too much mess and fuss in every part: getting supplies, finding ideas, and needless to mention – cleaning up afterwards.

On the other hand, we truly believe that crafts are just too good for kids to miss out. That's why we're giving our best to bring them closer to you. Our app TutoTod (available here) is made with that mission in mind – to eliminate all the annoying parts, so that parents and kids can just dive into crafting.

With the same intention of spreading the good word about crafts as much as we can, we have recently started a campaign 100 Days - 100 Crafts.

Every day for 100 days on our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – we will post one TutoTod craft. We will also give you a short educational info about why that particular craft is good for your child and what do you gain by crafting it.

And the great part is, each and every craft we post can be made using only 6 basic supplies!

To always be up to date, we will also have special crafts for special days, and very special surprises too!

So if you would like to get inspired and spend some quality time with your kid these holidays, join us in our craftventure and spread the word! :)

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