7 Chicken Crafts

Easter is only two days away, so this week we prepared 7 ways to craft our feathery Easter friends - Chickens.

1. The first craft is our Fluffy Portrait. Our lanky chick is not only a masterpiece to exhibit on your wall, but you can also use this technique to craft pretty much anything you want.

2. Our Broody Bird sits quietly on her eggs and she doesn't really like to be disturbed. But this doesn't mean that she wouldn't look spectacular on your table or work desk.

3. Hang our Swing'n'Sing craft somewhere in the house and bring some spring spirit into the room!

4. The little finger puppet chick is one of the characters in our Same or Different craft. He has one of the leading roles in the Easter play that you and your child can play for the rest of the family.

5. The Funky Rooster is the only rooster among our chickens and he really won't complain to hold some Easter candies for you.

6. If you make two or three of our Yellow Fellows and hide a small object under one of them, you can play the Shell game with your family or friends.

7. The three cute members of our Chicken Family can serve as your Easter eggs holders. They'll for sure be different than anybody else's.

The detailed steps for making our Chickens crafts can be found in the Easter Package, except for the Funky Rooster, who is a part of our Basic crafts.

Have a happy, crafty Easter!

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