April Fools in kids edition

In celebration of April Fools day, we have an idea that will turn your little one into a real prankster.

So let's dig right into the prank.

1. Cut out 4 equal pieces of paper into square shapes.

2. Color them in various colors. You can write a little message on them like "April Fool", "Prank", "Gotya!", or "What's the date today?".

3. Take the rest of the paper and make small ball shapes out of them. Make as many balls as there are colored squares.

4. Wrap the paper balls in your colorful paper and you'll get the candy shape. :)

5. Count your candies and cut twice as many pieces of string.

6. Tie them around the ends of your candies. Your prank is ready!

Now it's time to find your victim - grandma sounds perfect to us. Let your child give your little craft to grandma and say that you have some candies for her. Now watch her reaction as she reads the message.

We're sure grandma won't get mad. Who doesn't appreciate a nice prank - especially wrapped up so nicely like yours? :)

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