Are you following the interests of your child?

Children start showing interest in the world around them the moment of their birth. The more opportunities they have for observation, the happier they will be and their interest about things around them will grow. Their attention and focus on one activity is still short-term, while their abilities are significant.

When the child starts intensively exploring the world and becomes more aware, your role becomes serious. Your task is to guide the attention of your child, helping only when you are asked to.

Parents often ask how and when they should practice focus and concentration with their child. Forcing anything is wrong. What is necessary is to recognize the interest of your child and use it for giving stimuli. Such moments sometimes cannot be postponed, because if a child shows interest into a particular activity and a parent postpones it, it is possible that the interest is permanently lost.

You, therefore, have to recognize different interests of your child and provide possibilities for their development. Along the way keep offering new stimuli, which could raise new interests with the child.

The best creative activities for a pre-school child are activities that stimulate creativity, develop imagination, motor skills, precision, attention, and concentration. Make sure you schedule such activities into your weekly routine. Use materials that are easily available and include cutting, gluing, and coloring.

So, next time you are in the nature and your child throws a stick or a pebble into the water, ask why the pebble sank and the stick kept floating on the surface? Then continue with the story at home, and include some creative activities. From a single piece of paper, a few markers and scissors, you can make a boat that will float in the tub. Afterward, tie the rock to the paper ball, and let your imagination flow…

This is how you can immediately cater to the interests of your child. Let the results amaze both of you.

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