Better ways to learn letters

We all know that children develop interest for letters at different times. However, not only is it important to identify that interest and use it, but sometimes it needs to be triggered as well.

A letter represents a symbol, that is, an image that children need to recognize, just as they know how to recognize an animal on a picture and name it. Or a circle and be able to say that it is a circle. However, it is much more difficult when they need to connect a letter with a sound, and even harder to do analysis and synthesis.

It can be very helpful to stimulate the child to visually perceive the sign, that is, a letter. This can be done through a lot of reading and playing with words and letters.

Together with your child you can make the alphabet from some basic materials that will always be in your child’s sight. Write all the letters on the cardboard, and below every letter let your child draw something that begins with that letter. Use the string to connect the letters and hang them in your child’s bedroom for decoration. Afterwards, you can add more pictures with the same letter to your alphabet.

After you have introduced your child to the alphabet, think of some new activities that encourage interest in learning letters. You can, for example:

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