Christmas Family Fair

Christmas time is the most creative time of the year for all families with children. Children decorate every corner of their kindergartens and schools with ornaments, stars, mistletoes. A major part of this atmosphere comes from their families – parents take children to various plays, concerts and events. Children particularly enjoy making their own ornaments and presents and decorating the home with these masterpieces.

If you still haven't discovered your child's creativity, Christmas is the right time to do that. A good way to motivate children is by praising their efforts and being enthusiastic. And if they show interest in making Christmas ornaments, consider organizing your own family fair together.

Make arrangements on who will take part in it, who will you invite and what to prepare. Let your children be in charge of selling Christmas ornaments at the fair. Bake Christmas cookies and prepare a space where your guests will be able to visit your little family fair. Make Christmas cards and encourage your friends to send them to their friends. Prepare a small gift for ever visitor so that they can have a nice souvenir from your fair. Gifts should be symbolic – something that you made together with your child, or just a message of kindness and generosity. Put your child's creations into the spotlight.

Let the kids sort the gifts according to their purpose – Christmas ornaments on one side, cards on another. In this way your fair will be much more organized, and the kids will learn about the beauty of organization. Decorate your showroom with a sign that will attract your visitors to see the things that you made. Invite grandmas, grandpas and the rest of the family, exhibit your creations and spend a nice family day together – your child will love it for sure. Also, this is a good way to show children that their effort is appreciated. The child will learn that small things can make people happy, form a stronger bond with the family and develop new skills.

Every year someone else can organize a fair to make this priceless activity a part of your family's tradition.

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