Christmas special

The air getting colder and our clothes getting warmer means it's the perfect time for doing crafts. Get ready for Christmas with our 20 new awesome holiday craft tutorials.

Winter really is the perfect season for doing crafts. It's too cold to play outside for a long time, and the warmth inside our home sets just the right atmosphere for crafting. Also, with Christmas approaching, we have more than enough excuses to indulge in crafts with our kids - all day, every day.

We in TutoTod are very aware of this and that's why we've been very busy. We simply want to make sure you don't run out of the ideas during the craft rush season. When it comes to materials, we're sure you're covered because, just as always, you'll only need the basics: paper, string and toilet paper roll. Tools shouldn't be the problem neither: scissors, glue and markers. All you need to do is download our Christmas special with 20 new simple crafts and get your Christmas spirit on.

Not only will you have the perfect home-made Christmas decoration, but your toddler will learn so much without even noticing it from all the fun you're having. This way everybody wins, right?

You can find our Christmas special on the following link:

Happy crafting!

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