Do you know that your house is full of pedagogically unshaped materials?

Pedagogically unshaped material is every material that is not bought and can be used by children or for children while playing, making toys and games, exploring and experimenting.

This kind of material includes cardboard packaging, plastic and glass bottles, old newspapers and magazines, yoghurt cups, ice cream sticks, shampoo bottles, toilet paper rolls and the like. In short, it is a waste material that every household has in abundance, and it is very useful and usable.

TutoTod app is all about exploring the benefits of such materials. TutoTod tutorials work with the most basic materials and tools: toilet paper roll, paper, string, markers, glue and scissors.

Here are some of the advantages of using this kind of materials when playing with children:

-it is always available;

-it is recyclable;

-anything can be made from it;

-everything made from it is unique;

-it encourages imagination and creativity;

-it is free.

In the end, pedagogically unshaped material encourages creation and creation encourages children’s development in general. The very word ‘unshaped’ encourages shaping, that is, creating something from nothing. Children love challenges, and with this kind of material they will have plenty. Happy creation!

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