Double Heart Necklace Craft

This Valentine's Day necklace is a great way to entertain your child and at the same time make a great present for somebody you love. Enjoy!

You'll need the following: glue, string, toilet paper roll, scissors and a marker.

1. Cut out two thin rings from the toilet paper roll.

2. Cut the rest of the roll to get a rectangle.

3. Color one ring red.

4. Shape both rings into a heart shape.

5. Fold the rectangle and draw two little hearts on the folded part.

6. Cut out the hearts (you will have four of them).

7. Color two little hearts red.

8. Pierce holes in the upper middle parts of the big hearts.

9. Pull the ends of the strings through the holes and tie a knot (but leave some string after the knot).

10. Glue the little hearts to the string inside the heart.

11. Your necklace is ready. All you have to do is to give it somebody you love!

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