Easter game of dice

Since we love crafts with a purpose and Easter is just around the corner, we decided to prepare a craft that, once you make it, turns into an incredibly fun Easter game of dice! Plus, it has a cute bunny on it. :)

In order to play our Easter game of dice, you have to craft it first. Here are the steps.


1. Prepare all the necessary supplies and tools.

2. Cut the toilet paper roll and flatten it.

3. Cut out six square shapes from the toilet paper roll. Draw the following shapes on them using the colors as shown in the picture.

4. Color the shapes as shown in the picture.

5. Glue them together to form a cube. (If you want, you can glue the bunny and the triangle side opposite to each other.)

6. Now it's eggs' turn. The point is to make as many eggs as possible - the more eggs you have, the longer the game will last. They can be made in two ways. You can cut out egg shapes in paper OR cut many small pieces of paper and crumble them to form your eggs.



7. Your game of dice is ready! Now it's time for the rules. :)


1. Hide your colorful eggs all over the room.

2. You and your child take turns and roll the dice.

3. When the dice turns on a particular side, you need to find the same number of eggs and of the same color as the dice shows.

4. If the dice turns on the side with triangles, the task is to find both red and blue egg.

5. If the dice turns on the bunny, this can mean either a REWARD or a TASK - you choose which one you like better. The reward can be a carrot, an ice cream or a fun story, while the task can be organizing toys, going up and down the stairs, hopping on one leg or singing a song. The bunny side is your chance to really get creative.

Roll the dice!

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