Five reasons to play with waste

It often happens that children get a toy from a store, forget about it in a couple of days, and the toy becomes just another wasted investment. This occurs because toys usually come in just one shape and have just one function. On the other hand, parents are often amazed at how long their children can play with an ordinary cardboard box or a plastic bottle.

The reason may be that in that cardboard box, your child one moment sees a car and at another a house or even a castle. Can you imagine the delight of your child when the cardboard, with your help, really turns into those things? All you need is some paint, scissors and good will.

If it still seems too big of a bite, start with something simple. Use a toilet paper roll to make a small house pet, a mini-basketball hoop or a flower for grandma.

Here are five reasons why toys created by parents and children together are priceless:

In fact, it shouldn’t be long before you yourself realize many other advantages of this kind of play. You can start now.

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