Get creative with numbers

Children learn to count very early. They start with a couple of numbers, and later they learn further on their own initiative. At the early stage of learning counting, they don’t know how to associate numbers with quantity, nor to recognize numbers in the written form. It’s all a matter of practice, but in order to practice, they need to be interested first. To encourage your child's interest in counting at the earliest age, always ask – how many?

If you offer your child a concrete number to recognize or to count something, it is not likely that you will attract attention.

Instead of that, suggest to your child to make a number game together. The game should be designed in a way that the child can participate in the making. After that, get to work. You can cut out some paper numbers and let your child color them. When you finish this part, encourage your child to make cards and draw as many dots on them as the number you cut out shows.

You can play memory, domino or some other similar game with these cards afterwards. Also, you can make a small abacus to make counting and calculating more interesting.

The numbers are present all around us. It is not difficult to find something to attract and keep your child’s attention. If your child likes cars, buses or trains, you can make a small train and label the cars with numbers. Or, you can make a race track for cars with numbers on them.

The only thing that matters is that the numbers are presented in interesting shapes – this way they will be easy to remember.

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