How to make a DIY drum

Sometimes we try to use other supplies than our usual six. See how successful we were today in the video below.

Here's a cute way to get your kid drums without having to get yourself earplugs.

This is what you need: round ice cream container, cellophane and wrapping paper, sticks (plastic, wooden, whatever), pair of beads (plastic, wooden, whatever), rope, rubber band, regular glue & hot glue, colored duct tapes

Roughly, here's what you do - glue the wrapping paper around the container. Pierce 2 opposite holes near the top and draw the rope through. Use the cellophane for the drumhead and glue it firmly. In the end, prepare the sticks and your drum is ready to drum. See the entire process in the video above.

KEY TIP: don't forget to include your kid in the crafting. We found it's the best to let them choose the supplies and determine the drum features - this is the only way to guarantee that they will love it.

Another reason for the teamwork is that the whole crafting process is full of fine motor skills challenges. You can take care of the part with the hot glue and scissors, and your kid can do the rest. It may take a tad longer than this video, but it will be an hour well spent. :

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