How to make a snowflake decoration

For a rainy, snowless weekend, here's a simple project for you and your toddler – you can finish it in less than five minutes. And of course, fun guaranteed!

Among so many craft tutorials on the Internet, it's hard to find those who are simple enough for the little ones. Well, our snowflakes are so easy that you and your toddler can make them together. And the best thing is, even the easiest crafts have huge benefits. They encourage the development of motor skills, focus and precision and make your toddler feel proud and accomplished. So, don't forget to include your toddler as much as possible!

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You will need the following things: blue paper, white paper, scissors and glue.

The steps are very simple:

1. Start by folding the paper in half.

2. Cut the folded paper in small thin strips.

3. Glue the strips together to get a snowflake shape. You'll need 4 strips for a snowflake.

4. Glue the snowflake to the blue paper.

5. Make 2 more snowflakes and glue them to the blue paper.

6. Your decoration is done!

Hang your decoration on your toddler's bedroom wall, a window or wherever your toddler wants. Simple, fun and practical!

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