How to play your way into serious topics

We all know that, when raising children, it is necessary to show them the right way from the wrong way and make them see the difference between the good and the bad. This is a goal we all want to achieve, but do we have the right method?

Children, on the other hand, are not all that willing to listen our concrete advice on how to behave (or rather how not to behave) – they somehow always end up doing what they want. Parents often find themselves pretty helpless. Maybe it could be useful to introduce some useful, educational lessons through play.

Suggest to your child to make some toys from waste material or something similar. While you are making it, think of a story together. Encourage your toddler to talk about the real situation from which they could learn something or identify their mistake.

For example, you definitely want to show your child how important it is to be careful in traffic. Make a car, traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing. Make a mommy duck and a couple of ducklings. Now, tell your child how ducks really love water and that their mommy decided to take them to a pond. Tell your child how ducklings are happy and really excited about their trip. However, the only way to reach the pond is to cross a big city road. Simulate how the excited ducklings almost got hurt because of their playfulness and hurry. Let your child participate in the story and encourage him or her to tell you what the message of the story is.

This method will probably influence your child’s behavior much more than plain, dry instructions. You can try this in other situations too.

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