Is your child developing thinking skills?

Even at a very early age it is necessary to use different methods to encourage your child to think, make conclusions, and find new solutions. One thing that children are great at even before they learn verbal communication is play. That is why play is the best way to encourage your child to learn and develop.

Even in the non-verbal phase it is good to ask question to your child. This helps children develop their own opinion, encourages them to make conclusions and look for their own, new solutions. Once your child starts speaking, keep asking questions which do not offer ready solutions and do not guide towards an expected answer. It is important that the child is encouraged to make proposals and praised for every try.

Everyone (including you) likes hearing praise. Praising makes us move forward, puts the wind into our sails.

During creative play with children, it is good to ask them what can be made from the materials you are playing with, even at the very beginning of the activity. You may not immediately get many answers, but if you keep asking often enough, you will soon see ideas coming like an avalanche.

Praise your child’s ideas and incite more. Share your ideas with your child and decide together about your next activity.

In the course of your activity, often ask questions: “And what do you think?”, “ How would you do that?” or “What would be a better solution, this or that?”

Such stimulation will foster the development of your child’s own opinions, creativity, and self-confidence. This makes children feel that their opinion is respected, which is great additional motivation for further encouragement.

Even you will start getting more creative and soon you will have countless ideas in stock.

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