Is your kid smarter than you?

Try to list 10 ways to wash your clothes and see how far you can get. There are the 3 usual ways that most of us know – washing machine, washing on hands and dry cleaning. If you thought of four or five ways, you can call yourself creative.

The first three answers are the result of your earlier experience and knowledge about washing clothes, and everything after are your ideas.

What about children? They are naturally creative and imaginative. When they find themselves in a situation to think of something, to avoid boring activities or to do something they're still too small for, their brain works incredibly fast. How many times have you heard a great idea from a 3-year-old? A thousand times.

For example, I was stunned when my child thought of the way to use the toilet and not have to wash his hands afterwards. He lifted the seat with his slipper, just leaned onto the toilet to pee, and flushed the toilet by putting a heavy object on it. He didn't touch anything dirty, and his hands stayed clean.

I gotta give it to him, I was outwitted. I realized I was always mechanically telling him to wash his hands after the toilet, and he always complained about it. I never tried to think of the way to avoid it so that he can return to play as soon as possible. So he thought of that himself. There's a whole another reason why this shouldn't be put into practice, but it's a pretty nice try. Just like making a Superman cape out of my red dress. A brilliant try.

New solutions are pushing the world forward. They are the reason for the personal and social progress. Already at a young age, children are capable of thinking of great solutions, often better than the existing ones! This is why we as parents have to more often put them in situations where they have to think of such solutions.

So, no matter where and when – in the car, on vacation, before sleep, during play – ask your child questions. Simple questions like the one about washing clothes from the beginning. Then wait to get served.

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