Let your child experience the beauty of giving

There are countless occasions in life for giving presents: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just ordinary days when we want to show somebody that we care. Children particularly love getting presents and always eagerly wait for them. Why not give your child an opportunity to experience the joy of giving?

Almost every present takes time and money, and your child should know that it's not always so easy to find the right present for your loved ones. A great idea here is to encourage you child to make something as a present, with your support and help.

When choosing what to make, tell your child to be patient and think about what would make that particular person happy – this will give you a lot of present ideas. The present should be made from simple materials that you can find at home, so you don't have to get special supplies.

Make the present together and encourage your child to be careful about the details. It would be great if your child would add a bit of personality to it – if his or her favorite color is blue, you should color a part of the present blue. Encourage your child to think about the reaction of the person who will receive the present – that could be really good for further motivation.

Whether you made a flower from paper for Mother's day, a crown for a friend's birthday or a mistletoe as a Christmas present, praise your child for the effort. The person who receives it will appreciate it for sure and this will be enough of an encouragement for your child to make something special for the next occasion too.

You will teach your child that giving is precious and that effort is really worth it. Also, this way your child develops imagination, creativity and builds self-confidence. Can it be any more convincing?

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