Let’s play and learn colors

In every child’s surroundings there are plenty of colors. Colors make children happy. They stimulate and attract them. Small babies notice colors, but it is only later that they learn to recognize, distinguish and name them. This is a path that every child has to take, but the parent can definitely help along the way.

Just like everything else in their lives, children learn colors spontaneously and through play, but in a stimulating environment.

Creating such environment is the first step and a very important one when trying to raise your child’s interest. One of the mistakes that parents often make is painting their baby’s room in one color (the most common are blue for boys and pink for girls). The space in which your child spends most of the time should be filled with strong colors. This will raise the attention and stimulate the interest of the child. Colors should be intense, clear and have many different tones.

The second step is encouraging your child to play with colors. One of the games that we recommend is making a rainbow out of various things and toys. For smaller babies you can prepare a rainbow sample, but older children won’t need this kind of help. It is good to say each color of the rainbow aloud. In this way your child will learn colors sooner. Furthermore, you can repeat colors’ names several times and let your child do the same.

Here are some games that you can play when you notice that your child is ready to learn more about colors:

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