Mister Easter came to Tutotod

We have some chirpy news for kids, parents and pretty much anyone who likes good crafting – our iPad app TutoTod has been upgraded with a fresh Easter package. This means that, with 20 new Easter crafts, you have 109 tutorials to choose from and exactly 0 excuses for not crafting!

Just like every craft in our app, the Easter crafts can be made using a combination of only 6 basic supplies and tools: paper, string, toilet paper roll, scissors, glue and markers.

And we have to admit, we’re very proud of our Easter package. Once you get it, you will make friends with a really cool crew – a certain Mister Easter, a really Yellow Fellow, the absolutely Uncrackables and 17 more strong additions to our big crafting arsenal.

However, besides the fact that they have cool names and would look beautiful on your shelf, wall or pretty much wherever you put them, that’s not nearly all they serve for. Since we like doing crafts that have a purpose after you make them, we took special care so that many of our Easter crafts have plenty other benefits too.

All of them help children in developing fine motor skills, all have a valuable educational character and many of them are actually cool toys to play with. Isn't the idea of children making their own toys just wonderful? We think it is. And that from the basic supplies while learning and having fun in the process. It really is.

For example, crafts like Three of a Kind and Nesting Eggs help children learn how to count and recognize colors, Eggball turns into a simple and fun game that’ll keep both you and your child busy for quite some time, while the finger puppets even make you think about existential questions such as who came first - the chicken or the egg.

All of this is happening on a new adorable background that’ll keep the chirpy mood on. :)

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