Sea Star in Trouble

One day Sea Star got so carried away exploring the ocean bottom that she floated all the way to the shore. A huge wave appeared out of nowhere and cast her onto the sand beach. Little Fish and Red Crab, her best friends, quickly noticed she’s gone.

Red Crab : Hey, Little Fish, Sea Star is gone! Have you seen her anywhere?

Little Fish : Well, look at that – she's really gone. I haven't seen her for half an hour. She must have wandered off again!

Red Crab : She's really something, scaring us like this every day. We gotta go and look for her. She could be in trouble!

Little Fish : Come on, let's go before it's too late.

Sea Star : Heeelp! Friends, where are you?

Little Fish : Did you hear that? That sounded like Sea Star!

Red Crab : Yes, that has to be Sea Star! And she needs help! Only, how are we going to find her?

Little Fish : Let's listen carefully where her voice comes from!

Sea Star : Little Fiiiish, Red Craaab, come hear quickly!

Red Crab : I can hear her. I think her voice comes from that beach over there!

Little Fish : But I'm afraid to go all the way to the beach – there are people there, what if they do something to us?

Red Crab : Don't be afraid. We'll stick together! Imagine how Sea Star must be scared, she's over there alone! We have to be brave for her.

Little Fish : Yes, I know! Gotta be brave, gotta be brave, gotta be brave... I'm brave! Let's go, Red Crab!

Red Crab : That's what I call courage! Well done, Little Fish, I'm so proud of you!

Little Fish and Red Crab swam a long time to get to the sand beach – they met many other sea friends and explored many lagoons on their way. They arrived to the beach exhausted, but proud that they went all that way to look for their friend.

Red Crab : Hey Little Fish, we made it! Do you see our friend?

Little Fish : There she is on the beach, she looks exhausted. It's so hot over there!

Red Crab : Let's go get her. We'll push her back to the sea together. She will feel better immediately.

Little Fish : Let's go – ooone, twooo, three! There she goes! Sea Star, are you ok?

Sea Star : Thank you my friends, I'm great now! I knew I could count on you!

Red Crab : You're welcome, Sea Star, but you have to promise us something! Promise us that...

Sea Star : I promise I'll never wander off like this again!

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