Sneak peek into our world, the world built from scratch

We spent the last couple of days doing something really cool and we want to share it with you.

We decided to give some personal touch to our Facebook and Twitter cover photo. When we decided what to do, we didn’t think it would take more than an hour or two. However, when we started crafting, ideas started springing and the whole thing got a bit out of hand. We never thought that shooting the cover photo would bring out so much laugh, fun and creativity. It took us two days to get to the final version.

The idea that guided us through the process was to use all the materials used in TutoTod tutorials, which proved to be pretty challenging. Because, when the materials are limited, the creativity must go beyond limits.

So we used string, paper, toilet paper roll, markers, glue and scissors to write the word TutoTod. We wanted to show you that anything can be done with a little imagination, no matter the materials. Maybe this will inspire you to create something yourself, such your family name or your child’s name. Have fun as much as we did and don’t forget to include the toddler.

Here's a short video of the whole process:

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