Step by step tutorial how to make your own binoculars

As a sign of Thanksgiving generosity, we prepared a small surprise gift for you.

While the turkey is roasting in the oven, making these cool binoculars can be a great activity for the entire family – children, parents and grandparents. And after dinner: parents can keep up with rest of the family, while kids play with their cool new toy.

1. Prepare all the necessary materials and tools.

2. Cut the roll into two wider and one thinner ring. If you have tempera or markers, you can color the roll. It will look even better in color.

3. Cut the thin ring into two equal parts.

4. Roll up each piece into a small ringlet and glue it.

5. Use the scissors to make holes in the two bigger rolls.

6. Glue the two small ringlets on the roll one under the other, making sure they are on the opposite side of the hole.

7. Glue the second roll on, again making sure the hole is opposite to the ringlets.

8. Cut a piece of string.

9. Pull the string through the hole and tie a knot.

10. Do the same on the other side.

11. Congrats! You have finished the Binoculars! Take a picture of your masterpiece and share it with your friends.

Children can use binoculars to play scouts or other exploring games where having such a cool tool will come very handy.

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