The connection between creativity and intelligence

Intelligence is problem-solving ability, and creativity is the ability of designing new solutions to a certain problem. Clearly, there is a close link between the two.

The development of creativity in small children begins with the development of creative expression, which then leads to the development of creative thinking. The more opportunities a child has to create, the more creativity will develop.

The beginning of such development can easily be encouraged by making toys from waste material – this is a good way to make the child see how to create something from nothing. It is the first step in the development of creative thinking.

It is proven that highly creative people also have high intellectual capabilities, and the new, effectual solution to a problem is usually the most creative one. There is a high possibility that a child that was early exposed to creative expression will show high intellectual capabilities earlier as well.

For example, if your child makes a spider from a piece of string or a markers holder from a toilet paper roll, it is certain that some other waste material will be an inspiration for similar creations too. The child will learn how to think about things in a way that they can be changed, reshaped and given a new purpose. This kind of thinking leads to new, innovative and smarter solutions.

It is very important to support your child's new and unusal ideas and encourage their realization. It can happen that your child has an idea that cannot be put into practice. However, don't say this in advance, but let the child try to realize the idea – mistakes are also a good way to new, innovative solutions.

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