There is an artist in every child

How many times have you admired your child's artwork? Probably more times than you can remember. Children love to be artists, they love to create artwork from basic and simple materials. The reason for this is the fact that they are able to see things from a different angle.

Adults usually perceive only one purpose in a particular object, but a child sees a spaceship in a plastic bottle or a house in a toilet paper roll. We need to cherish and encourage such abilities so they wouldn't withdraw or disappear.

The more children work on the development of the artist within themselves, the more they develop other skills such as creative thinking, motor skills and intelligence.

You can encourage your child to make something every day – this is very useful and healthy. In only a couple of minutes your child can make a paper artwork that can be a lovely decoration for the wall in your living room or a shelf in children's bedroom. Encourage your child's every effort. Show your child's artwork to all the guests so that the child can see how proud you are.

Art is not intended only for galleries and museums. Art is found everywhere where your child has an opportunity for expression. This is the way in which children express their opinions and attitudes, even without being aware of it.

Try to find the meaning in your child's work just like you do with the works of famous artists. Look for messages – there is at least one hidden in everything your child creates.

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