Toddlers and scissors. When, how and why?

Cutting with scissors demands the skill of separating fingers on our hands. This means using the thumb, index finger and middle finger separate from little finger and ring finger. Considering that a toddler has weak and small hands, this is a real challenge. Scissors cutting skill will start to develop the moment you decide your child is ready, but it completely develops only when children start school.

Handling scissors is not simple at all. Before you give scissors to your toddler, you will have to practice together various activities that develop stronger grip and help with coordination and dexterity such as:

- pressing clothespins;

- tearing paper in small parts;

- playing with tweezers.

After this it is important to choose the right scissors for your toddler. You should buy scissors according to whether your child is lefty or righty. Naturally, you need to choose safety scissors with blunt edges for your toddler in order to avoid possible accidents.

The next step is to show your child how to hold scissors and where to put fingers. Encourage your toddler to cut as much as possible — straight, curvy, cardboard, textile or sponge. Of course, your supervision is needed during these adventures. When children are given various materials, cutting skills will develop quickly, and their interest will grow.

When you see that your child holds the scissors correctly and cuts with one hand, your task is to come up with even bigger challenges to further develop your child's fine motor skills and dexterity. Enjoy your cutting!

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