What does spending quality time with your children mean?

Spending time together develops closeness, understanding and trust between parents and children. They get to know each other better and connect more closely. Bearing in mind the busy way of living of today's parents, the time they spend with children is often not very long. However, the amount of the time spent together is not the most important factor in this relationship. More important and valuable for children is the quality of that time.

When we asked parents and children to describe quality time spent together, we got different answers.

The important thing for parents is that the time invested in interaction with their child is always an opportunity for new knowledge and experience. The important thing for children is that time with parents is frequent and fun.

Both answers are, of course, equally correct. The only quality time between parents and children is the one in which those two elements complement each other.

There are many activities that can help you with that. For example, you can encourage your child to make a toy out of a toilet paper roll, even though at first it may seem unusual. While creating the toy or figure, you can talk about the object you are making and in this way give your child new insights and knowledge. It also helps your child develop new skills.

Examples like this exist in almost every game or creative activity. The important thing is that you, as a parent, are an active participant in the time spent together and that you respect the interests of your child.

So, the next time your child wants to play with you, you should…

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