What is Hyper Parenting and is it a Good Idea?

Can you spend too much quality time with your kid?

We all want the best for our children (it goes without saying)€” and giving our children the most incredible childhood is what every normal parent wants for their kids. From reading them stories the minute they can hear our voice to breastfeeding them in tandem to encourage love between the siblings, there are many ways to give our children a safe and loving childhood. Sometimes however, this want to give our children a great childhood can go too far, as is the case with hyper-parenting.

What is hyper-parenting?

Hyper-parenting has been given multiple definitions but in its simplest form, it is defined as an €œover-involved parent. Such parenting sees the mother or the father, or both, €œtrying too hard and in a way that can actually impede a child's success or progress.

Hyper-parenting involves children being thrown in every extracurricular activity in sight and having every minute of their day scheduled, as well as having the parents be too involved in their child'€™s academic and social life in a way that the child has no €œspace to develop.

Why is it bad for your child?

Hyper-parenting may be practiced with good intentions but it can cause serious problems for your child. When children are raised with over-involved parents, where they are continually coddled, pushed too hard, or never left alone to make their own choices,€ such children are at risk of being behind their peers €œin terms of social development.

Children raised with over-involved parents can also grow up in constant fear because they are continually afraid of disappointing their parents or they can grow up to p€œresent€ their parents for such overprotection. Moreover, hyper-parenting breeds conceited kids€ because the latter will grow up in an environment where they are constantly told how very special they are.

The importance of boredom for kids

With technology keeping us all ON every second of the day, the idea of being bored feels dated and unwanted, but boredom can be so good to our mind and our creativity and this goes for your kids as well. Hyper-parenting encourages over-scheduling but kids need to experience boredom so they can develop their imagination, they can learn to be keen observers and they can learn that it is perfectly fine to do nothing sometimes.

When your kids are bored, it usually means they are by themselves, being given space which is essential, no matter how young they are. As they grow older, space will be more appreciated because it is only through them being left alone that they will learn what they like and don't like; what they want to do and what they absolutely dread doing.

How to strike a balance

Hyper-parenting can be too much and there are ways you can strike a balance between being involved and giving your child space to grow. Some of the ways you can do this is by giving your child the chance to get involved in a number of activities and them allow them to drop whatever they do not care for. Moreover, asking them about their day without being overbearing is a way of building trust and respect, while still being in the know of what is going on in your child's life.

Regina Due, Parenting Writer

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