What to do if your child is very shy?

Children who are shy tend to miss out a lot, which makes them frustrated. Shyness in children is a combination of fear and tension, and it is visible through red cheeks, quiet speaking and face hiding.

Shy kids don’t have many friends, even though they want to have. Despite their desire for it, it is difficult for them to establish new friendships. Very often parents would do anything to change the situation, fix it and make it better in order to encourage and empower their children.

Children tend to meet new friends if they are very open or if they have something that the others want to have. Help your child make a cool thing to show it in the park. It is enough to take some waste material and make some special bracelets with superhero symbols or a shiny crown for a girl. This is a good way to attract attention from other children.

Focus on the details that your child is telling you while you're creating something. Children should always lead the activity, while parents need to be the support. When you create your child’s favorite item, encourage your child to take it to the park so that the other children can see it. Whether it’s a paper plane, a superhero bracelet or a cardboard crown, it will attract some attention for sure.

The pride that children feel showing their creations will put shyness in another plan.

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