Why getting bored can be good for your kid

Parents battle their children’s boredom in different ways. Some of them rely on cartoons, some try with various games and other buy piles of toys. However, occasional boredom attacks are an opportunity in disguise to do something constructive.

Boredom can be a great motivator for developing imagination and creative skills. Try to use a moment of your child’s boredom to encourage creativity and other skills. Here’s an example.

The next time boredom strikes, give your child some everyday materials, like a piece of string, glue and baby scissors. Now ask your child to make something from it, making sure to use all the material. If your child cannot think of anything and still looks disinterested, browsing a picture book, remembering a fun game or just looking through the window can be enough to get an idea.

You should be there for help, as long as your child wants it. No more, no less.

When children create something of their own from such ordinary materials, they feel proud, confident and motivated for future work. Boredom activates their potential and creative capabilities. All they need is a little support.

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