Your kid is getting less creative? Try this...

How many times has your child brought you a drawing made just for you? And how many times have you displayed that work of art or shown it to your family or friends?

Whenever children make something they are very proud of, they look for confirmation in their surroundings. If you just take a casual look and say “great”, your child will think that you are not interested enough and will slowly lose motivation.

Children expect admiration and comments, as well as a place where everyone will be able to see their masterpieces. How would you feel if you put a lot of effort into a project, show it to someone whose opinion you appreciate, and get only a “great”? Where is the “Wow, how did you make this? What is it? What did you use to make this part? This is in my favorite color!” part?

What do you think, would a painter paint with the same passion if he knew his paintings would forever stay in his atelier? Exhibiting in galleries is always more motivating. An artist sends a message to those who look at his artwork, and the messages are meant to be received.

In a similar way, children lose motivation for drawing, painting or another form of creative expression if their works of art don’t decorate your home. Is there a point in a masterpiece with no one to admire it? We don’t think there is.

Find a wall where you will display your child’s drawings and a shelf for other works of art. There won’t be long before you see that your child’s creativity is still there. It just needs a little help from you.

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